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Is OSB right for me?

Let's see if OSB is right for you. Check each that are true:

The OSB May Not Be Right for You

Read on to see what your next steps should be.

If you already have Articles of Incorporation / Organization on file with the DFI:
Go to their website to contact them or manage or modify your Articles of Incorporation / Organization.
If you already have a tax registration with the DOR:
Go to their website to contact them or to manage or modify your Tax Registration.
If your business is not a Business Corporation, Statutory Close Corp., or Limited Liability Company:
At this time, the OSB only supports those three types of business entities. Please visit the DFI website for assistance with other entity types.
If you are organizing an LLC as a Student Entrepreneur:
Students meeting all of the eligibility requirements for a Student Entrepreneur fee waiver must file form 502SE on paper to receive a waiver of the filing fee. (If you file form 502 online, you WILL pay the $130.00 fee. This fee is non-refundable.)
If your business is a bank:
Banks need to register with the Division of Banking, and are not handled by this system.
If your business is an insurance agency:
Insurance agencies need to register with the Commissioner of Insurance, and are not handled by this system.
If your business is already registered in another jurisdiction:
Foreign Entities (out-of-state) are not handled by this system. Foreign Entity filings are processed through the DFI website:

Use the websites linked on this page to complete a single step directly with that state agency or department.


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