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Is OSB right for me?

Fraudulent Filing Notice: It is a Class I felony in Wisconsin for a person to knowingly file a false corporate document if the person intends that document to be filed or delivered to the Department of Financial Institutions. The Department reports fraudulent filings to the Department of Justice or local district attorneys for criminal prosecution. See Wis. Stat. Sections 178.0124, 180.1029, 181.0129, and 185.82.

Let's see if OSB is right for you. Check each that are true:

The OSB May Not Be Right for You

Read on to see what your next steps should be.

If you already have Articles of Incorporation / Organization on file with the DFI:
Go to their website to contact them or manage or modify your Articles of Incorporation / Organization.
If you already have a tax registration with the DOR:
Go to their website to contact them or to manage or modify your Tax Registration.
If your business is not a Business Corporation, Statutory Close Corp., or Limited Liability Company:
At this time, the OSB only supports those three types of business entities. Please visit the DFI website for assistance with other entity types.
If you are organizing an LLC as a Student Entrepreneur:
Students meeting all of the eligibility requirements for a Student Entrepreneur fee waiver must file form 502SE on paper to receive a waiver of the filing fee. (If you file form 502 online, you WILL pay the $130.00 fee. This fee is non-refundable.)
If your business is a bank:
Banks need to register with the Division of Banking, and are not handled by this system.
If your business is an insurance agency:
Insurance agencies need to register with the Commissioner of Insurance, and are not handled by this system.
If your business is already registered in another jurisdiction:
Foreign Entities (out-of-state) are not handled by this system. Foreign Entity filings are processed through the DFI website:

Use the websites linked on this page to complete a single step directly with that state agency or department.


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